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  • Fast: Instant response, calculates and displays results as you type.Prompt error messages to help you correct it if you made some;
  • Free: You only need to focus on your typing with mathematics expressions, the answers will be shown next to them automatically;
  • Step by step: You can show others your problem solving process step by step via list the expressions you used line by line;
  • Convert decimal to fraction and vice versa Quick convertions between fractions and decimals, and let you convert the repeating decimals to the corresponding fraction representation.
  • Share: You can save or share your problem solving process easily by clicking "Get link".



I haven't got time to write it yet. But it is really so simple, and you can learn to use it by looking at the examples. And then you can share your experiences to the world by publishing your usage or your problem solving steps' links to your blog, twitter, and so on. Others will get inspires from you.

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